Devil Lord Costume

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In the depths of the hot-place, souls scream for mercy.Which is seriously annoying

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And the best part the hood has horns

As such a busy demon lord, you are strapped enough for time as it it

Busy busy

Can't they see that You, as a master of the underworld, have more important things to worry about than their poor tormented souls


It always seems to be about them

It has raggedly cut sleeves and a rope cord for the waist

Seeing you in this outfit Might just shut those slimy spirits up for once.

Selfish little ghosts

So if you don't have enough time to put yours on when you're rushing out of the cave, you merely flip up the hood and you're good to go

This outfit has a red velvet robe with hood

This piece is all about presentation! And a person in your standing should definitely have a bit of show

Torment the betrayers, track down whoever has been stealing your brimstone seasoning, and scratch a few Hell-dog bellies

Well, that would explain why they're down here at least.Anyway, we understand that an Overlord of your caliber probably has stuff to do

You shouldn't need to worry about your wardrobe when you have more pressing matters to attend to.So, as a staple for your wardrobe, we present our Sinister Devil Adult Costume